Leith Solutions

A solution covering all the aspects of your activities

Leith Solutions

Leith Solutions optimize your operations, programs and projects management.

Our methodology

We adopt the AGILE methodology to ensure you a concrete positive business impact.

Our ERP Odoo

An all-in-one software, easy-to-use, efficient and increasing your productivity.

Who are we ?

Leith Company is building an all-in-one solution to cover all the aspects of your activities. Our solutions unleash your growth potential by managing all your needs : accounting, human ressources, project management, inventory management, manufacturing, purchases, sells, CRM, invoicing, point of sales, subscriptions, electronic signature, many productivity tools, website builder…

We are committed to provide a customer service excellence, working with full transparency and build trusting relationships with our customers. We have a quality assurance and testing approach through unit testing, functional testing, integration testing and exploratory testing.

Overview of the ERP ODOO

  • Increasing sells

    We provide you CRM, POS and sales tools.

  • Services integration

    You can integrate your projects, timesheets and helpdesk.

  • Easier operations

    Your purchases, inventories and MRP are simplified.

  • Easy website creation

    You can easily create your website or e-commerce website.

  • Finance management

    Manage your invoicing and accounting tasks.

  • Marketing skills expand

    You can use email marketing and marketing automation.

We are implanted in the whole world

Our company is implanted in France, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Canada, Egypt, United Arab Emirates. We have more than 60 consultants all over the world and we want to increase the technology advancement in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and North America.

Why working with us ?

We provide our clients strategic advices, flawless implementation and management of our ICT solutions.